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Life IS… This is a book that takes a more personal and up-close look at everyday life challenges and experiences. The author is transparent and shares her own journey with the reader, hoping that it will lead them to a path of healing, restoration, and empowerment in their own life. Each passage is followed by a scripture, a personal prayer and ends with a place to journal, for those who want to go deeper and unlock the chambers in their LIFE that have held them bound. No one is exempt from the journey of life! As we travel this path, we are all faced with situations that will test our FAITH, bring us JOY and ultimately experience some type of SUCCESS along the way. The book explains that we must trust God. Not only trust God, but we must also believe in ourselves. The power of prayer is very evident in this book. The author has a particular passage in the book entitled, Life Is…Knowing the Power of Prayer, where she shares how she was able to overcome many obstacles in her life for the better through prayer. This book is inspirational, empowering and will transform your life.



10 reviews for Life IS… Book

  1. Latishia Futrell

    Thank you De’Leice for allowing God to speak to your heart with this book, Life Is, Volume 1. I say Vol 1 , because I know that there is still more of life’s nuggets and words of empowerment and inspiration in you.

  2. Tonya Smith

    Thank you De’Leice! I started reading the book and found it very difficult to put down. Your LIFE stories are very relatable. Many times I felt as though you were telling my story. I’m looking forward to reading the next book and continuing the LIFE journey with you.

  3. Leticia Alexander

    Thank-You De’Leice for this book Life Is. The book has been a blessing to me at the right time. It was great to take this journey with you in the book. It is a great book for anyone who is trying to live their best Life and to be the best person they can be on this journey. I am recommending the book to others.

  4. Cynthia Ford

    De’Leice — THANK YOU for obeying God and writing “Life IS!” I used the book as a daily devotional and it has been a total blessing. “Life IS” has helped me to stay focused and to be intentional about the things that are important to God: Loving Him, Loving His people, and studying His Word. I agree with Letishia that there is more in you and I too look forward to Volumes II and more of Life IS empowerment nuggets. Members of my family also purchased the book and we are encouraging others to do likewise.

  5. Keith Magee

    Thank you for passion, transparency and intimacy, De’Leice, that you share in Life IS… These moments, of your treasured journey, leap off each page and cause you to long for what’s on the next. The missing element, in many of our lives, is the ability to dig deep into the essence of our souls and reveal ourselves. Your attestation awakened me to the point, that in between many chapters, I had to stop for self reflection, while yet insisting on getting to the next thought provoking and life-changing moment you share. Everybody’s got something and Life IS… helps us to deal with many of our somethings. De’Leice, you have crafted a masterpiece that is useful from the boardroom to faith-based communities. Every man, woman, counselor, life coach, corporate executive and faith leader needs to “sit” with Life IS… Well done!

    -Dr. Keith Magee, London, England

  6. Eric D.

    This book was therapeutic on a number of levels. As children of God, most of us go through some moments of doubt and uncertainty. But we often feel guilty about those moments of spiritual weakness. It was very refreshing to know that even a minister of the gospel has had these same experiences and it’s ok. They are lessons of growth that remind us to remain faith-full and fear-less. Because we know faith and fear cannot coexist. Many books are written from the mountaintop, looking down. But this book was written from both valley and mountaintop experiences. It will meet you where you are and lift up your eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh your help.

    Thank you for your transparency!

  7. Koddi Dunn

    Life Is —- a dose of transparency and truth! I appreciate and really can relate to the author’s way of acknowledging her strengths and struggles. Although I had the book for a while, it found me exactly when I needed to read it. Life Is got me through a challenging period and armed me with the tools and reminders that I needed in order to keep my eyes focused on the bigger picture. I’ve recommended Life Is to several people, especially my family and friends.

  8. Charles Stafford

    This book is a tremendous blessing for any and all believers and non-believers. For Believers this book adds evidence that God will bless you with everything he has for you as an everlasting prayer through the “nuggets” of having a relationship with the Lord versus the practice of a religion. For the Non-believer this book can be shared as a gift of evangelizing God’s promises for a better life and better health. I find myself reading it over an over again as a Believer in Christ.

  9. Alice

    Thank you for this word. Life is a journey that can be exhilarating and inspiring. We CAN walk in our Divine Purpose, when we surrender to faith and starve our fear to death. Sooo timely. THANK YOU

  10. Kenneth Johnson

    De’Leice really put it all out there in this book! The personal stories and supported scriptures are perfectly organized to teach life’s important lessons. I must admit I became emotional reading the parts about her mother. We are both the seventh child, and the way De’Leice describes her relationship with her Mom is so genuine and vivid, I had to shed a few tears for her great loss. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with the ups and downs of their life’s journey.

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