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Order your copy of De’Leice R. Drane’s highly anticipated book TODAY!


Life IS… This is a book that takes a more personal and up-close look at everyday life challenges and experiences. The author is transparent and shares her own journey with the reader, hoping that it will lead them to a path of healing, restoration, and empowerment in their own life. Each passage is followed by a scripture, a personal prayer and ends with a place to journal, for those who want to go deeper and unlock the chambers in their LIFE that have held them bound. No one is exempt from the journey of life! As we travel this path, we are all faced with situations that will test our FAITH, bring us JOY and ultimately experience some type of SUCCESS along the way. The book explains that we must trust God. Not only trust God, but we must also believe in ourselves. The power of prayer is very evident in this book. The author has a particular passage in the book entitled, Life Is…Knowing the Power of Prayer, where she shares how she was able to overcome many obstacles in her life for the better through prayer. This book is inspirational, empowering and will transform your life.



Life IS - eBook

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